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Train Station Project

When the Coraopolis Community Development Foundation (CCDF) purchased the Coraopolis Train Station, they envisioned a revitalization of the historic Ohio River Valley region. The train station is a key part of a multifaceted push for connectivity between communities within the airport corridor. The goal is to completely restore this historic landmark, and transform it into a multi-use events center and café, specifically acting as a waystation for bicycle tourists and other active users of the Ohio River Greenway Trail, which will run across 3rd Street, directly in front of the train station.  The Coraopolis Train Station stands as an outstanding example of Richardson Romanesque architecture and, as such, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation in 1978. Designed by famed architect Henry Hobson Richardson, the station features characteristic rounded arches, recessed entrances, and short, strong columns. Because of its prestigious architectural and historic significance, the Coraopolis Train Station was named one of Pittsburgh’s Top Ten Best Preservation Opportunities in 2010 by the Young Preservationists Association of Pittsburgh.


The Coraopolis Train Station Project is an effort to revitalize this historic landmark. Run by a 501(c)(3), the Coraopolis Community Development Foundation, this nonprofit community effort plans to create a community center which will serve as a waystation on the Ohio River Greenway Trail, as well as a training kitchen for those in the community needing job skills. All proceeds from the finished station will go back into the CCDF's programming, which includes operating the local food pantry, emergency family assistance center, and community garden. Please donate to this worthy cause by clicking below.

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