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Middletown Station

Middletown Station

  • Middletown Station completed February 24, 1879 at which time, the first passenger train passes over the tracks. (PPG 25 Feb 1879) The station was milepost 9 on the P&LE Line.  “Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad formally opened for passenger traffic. The freight dept has been in operation for some time.” (Indeed, I have found unsubstantiated references that indicate that period maps show a station existed as early as 1876. So far, no such map has been located.)
“There was considerable excitement at all the way stations. The people had come in from the country round about to see the first train.  In many instances they came by the sled loads. The largest crowds on the Southern Division were at Montour Junction, Middletown, Shousetown, and Phillipsburg. All seemed to feel that a new era had dawned upon their quiet section and they had been freed from prison. The old men and boys waved their hats and cheered; while the ladies, bless ‘em, waved handkerchiefs, towels, table-cloths, and anything they could lay their hands on.  Many of the young gents displayed their gallantry by taking their sisters, or some other fellow’s sister – most likely the latter – for a ride to the next station.  It is said there were some old residenters out who saw a train of cars for the first time.” (PPG 25 Feb 1879)
  • Unknown date – “The Mt. Olive Baptist Church was the first church organization of the community to be formed by colored people.  In 1889 this group began holding services… later securing the old railroad station which had been purchased by Mrs. M. M. Watson and moved across Neville street to a location about opposite where the new passenger station was built. The old building had been remodeled somewhat and served the congregation until 1893, when a lot on the corner of Hiland avenue and School Street was acquired.” (WtWB)
pg65, Where the West Began

pg65, Where the West Began