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Creating a Path Forward

Maiden City Blog

Maiden City Blog is a must-follow for those interested in the history of Coraopolis, Pennsylvania!  As a supplement to Coraopolis History Archive, Maiden City Blog provides insights and background to the history of our beloved Cory, PA.  Follow us on twitter at @maidencityblog to receive real-time updates!


History Research Archive for the Borough of Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, near Moon Township, Pennsylvania, in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, including Coraopolis Cemeteries, Coraopolis Maps, Coraopolis Industries, and Coraopolis Photographs.

Creating a Path Forward

Stacey Christe

We’re a small town with a small historical society.

Small but powerful.

Coraopolitans care passionately about our town - about where we came from, about what used to be here. Everyone I talk to has a story - which is good, because I LOVE stories!

One of the most amazing things I inherited when I joined the historical society was a legacy of people who fought hard for our little space in the library and who diligently scoured and saved every scrap of memorabilia this town had to offer. Our benefactors over the years have been so generous. We love that they think of us and send us treasures to preserve and share with the community. And thanks to the skilled and passionate efforts of Donna and Tom Buchman and Joe Divito, we have a beautifully curated collection of really fantastic artifacts.

And our first order of business to add to that. To continue this legacy by expanding our collection. In order to do that though, we must make room. So, with the help of Emma Jean’s Relics, we are doing just that. But we need your help.

The historical society members have started reviewing our inventory. Before anyone worries - we are first of all, preservationists. We’re not getting rid of any pieces of Coraopolis History for which we don’t already have multiple copies of on our shelves. But we do have duplicates, sometimes triplicates, sometimes… well, you get the idea. People are generous, we are grateful, and soon as you know it, things just… accumulate! And yes, we need to have at least a couple copies of the Semi-Centennial booklet. Do we need 25? eh…? I will say this, we don’t really have room for 25 of them.

Which is where you come in. Emma Jean’s Relics has graciously offered to sell our overflow items to Coraopolitans who will love them and care for them and use them to spread our history (he PROMISED this was the case). All proceeds - all of them - go straight back to the historical society and will be used to purchase more items (ones that we don’t have yet)! Aaaand (here’s the real kicker) now we’ll have space on our shelves for these new treasures! Which means you’ll have more to look through when you visit our new expanded hours.

So, starting this Saturday, please stop by Emma Jean’s Relics at 930 5th Avenue, pick up a local treasure, and know that you’re helping to support and expand the collections of the Coraopolis Historical Society. We thank everybody who contributes. We are so grateful for all of your continued support.