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Ferries & Riverboats

Ferries & RIverboats

River Crossings

  • Ferry across the Ohio River from Stoops Ferry to Sewickley
  • Ferry across the Ohio River at the present site of the Sewickley Bridge
  • Ferry at the foot of Main Street in Coraopolis across the Ohio River to Haysville (This is "Lashell's Ferry, according to maps.)

Source: 1931-12-12 Pittsburgh Post Gazette (vol. 5, no. 115, p. 8) "Let's Know Pittsburgh: River Crossings in 1862" by Joseph White.

1876 Real estate plat-book of the city of Pittsburgh, . M. Hopkins & Co., Philadelphia (p42)


  • Lashell's Landing (Foot of Main St in Coraopolis)
    • Boaz, July 26, 1877 [The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer]
    • Pacific, July 15, 1899 [Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette]
    • John A. Wood and Joe Williams, August 17, 1899 [Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette]
    • Virginia, June 30, 1900 [The Wheeling Intelligencer]
    • Sam Brown and Charles Brown, October 9, 1902 [The Louisville Courier Journal]
    • Fred Wilson, December 8, 1903 [The Louisville Courier Journal]
    • John A. Wood, Harvester and Rival, November 13, 1904 [The Louisville Courier Journal]
    • Sam Brown, June 21, 1908 [The Pittsburgh Sunday Post]

The Boaz Riverboat

The Sam Brown Riverboat, 1910

The Virginia Riverboat, 1895 in Wheeling

The Charles Brown Riverboat

The Fred Wilson Riverboat

The John A. Wood Riverboat


  • Neville Island was then called either Irwin Island or Long Island
  • Coraopolis was called Middletown
  • Hog Island used to be at the tip of Neville Island across from Coraopolis - it is now underwater, along with many of the other small islands listed
  • Aliquippa was Loggstown

"Who's Who on the Ohio River and its Tributaries" by Ethel C. Leahy, 1931.