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Fallston Fire Clay Bricks

Fallston Fire Clay Bricks

Bricks used in the construction of the Coraopolis Train Station

The Fallston Fire Clay Co. operated out of Beaver County from about 1891 through 1922. They were one of the most prosperous manufacturers of high-grade building brick of different shapes and sizes, and also of paving brick. As of 1916, the company produced a capacity of 28,000,000 bricks a year. The manufacture was located against a low mountain with inclines to the clay pits on the mountain. They used the shale between the Lower Kittanning clay and the Clarion coal. Clay was mined principally from beneath the Lower Kittanning coal, just uphill behind the main building. There were ovens to the right of the building which served as early traditional round kilns. Additional clay was mined from under the Lower Freeport coal, about 170 feed higher, at the top of the incline. The company ultimately became the Littell Steel Company in 1946.

Fallston Fire Clay Co. in abt 1895

1913 Sanborn Map, New Brighton