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601 School Street
Coraopolis, PA, 15108
United States

Welcome to Coraopolis History Archive!  On this site, the history of Cory, PA comes alive through the images and stories of those who have called Coraopolis home throughout the years.  Come browse through historic postcards or read about the history of the businesses and industrialists that put Coraopolis on the map.  Also featured is Maiden City Blog, which explains the story of the borough through engaging posts. Looking for volunteer opportunities to make our community better? Coraopolis History Archive has that as well!  Check us out and tell a friend!


History Research Archive for the Borough of Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, near Moon Township, Pennsylvania, in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, including Coraopolis Cemeteries, Coraopolis Maps, Coraopolis Industries, and Coraopolis Photographs.

Coraopolis Station Agents

Coraopolis Station Agents

Passenger Station

  • George Duncan

    • First agent for the railroad company to be stationed at Coraopolis

    • The station building had living apartments, and Mr. Duncan and his family made their home in the upper story of the station

  • George W. J. McAdams

    • Listed as the station agent in the 1880 U.S. Census

    • Born around 1848 in Ohio. Mother is Hannah. Brothers Joseph & Leander.

  • William Ackley

    • A widely known river man with a wife and 2 daughters. Lived in Beaver

    • Killed in the yards by a shifting engine on October 8, 1890 and killed instantly

  • Samuel Marshall

  • Edward E. Reading

    • Assigned as passenger agent November 30, 1899 when position of freight agent was created as a separate role.

    • Promoted to chief clerk to Division Superintendent J. W. Riley as of March 23, 1902 (to fill place vacated by F. B. Vaughn)

    • Born August 1871 in Pennsylvania; widower; Boarding with George & Elizabeth McCoy on 4th Ave (per 1900 U.S. Census)

  • Ethan C. Sawin

    • Worked for P&LE since 1898

    • Ticket agent in Coraopolis since March 21, 1902

    • Came to Coraopolis from Aliquippa, where had been an agent

    • Born January 9, 1856 in Union, Iowa, and married to Matie Amsden

    • Member of First Presbyterian Church, Coraopolis Lodge No. 674, F. & A. M., and the Halcyon Club

    • Died November 9, 1921 at his home at 1022 Ridge Ave after a 10-day battle with pneumonia; buried in Edgewood Cemetery in Ashtabula, Ohio

  • Frank F. Lunn

    • Referred to as the passenger agent in September 12, 1930 news article

    • Per 1930 US Census: born abt 1885 in PA, 1113 Hiland Ave, wife Dorthea, "ticket agent, railroad"

  • C. W. Combs

    • Referred to as "chief clerk" in March 13, 1966 news article. At that time, is in his 48th year of service on the railroad


  • V. H. Nivison

    • Appointed as first freight agent on November 30, 1899 (previously was the ticket agent for both passenger and freight)

    • Resigned October 7, 1904

  • A. Nelson Hood

    • From Bentley, Ohio

    • Per 1930 US Census: born abt 1869 in OH, 834 Neely Height Ave, wife Lillian, "freight agent, steam railway"

  • A. C. Flanigan

  • C. W. Gibbs

    • Came to Coraopolis from Aliquippa in September 1913

  • Prince A. Ward

    • Per 1930 US Census: born abt 1888 in OH, 1720 Montour St, wife Grace, "agent, rail road office"


Photograph of Harry B. Taylor, P&LE Ticket Agent, Montour Junction stop

  • Laborers on the Railroad listed as residing in housing adjacent to Agent George W. J. McAdams during the 1880 U.S. Census:

    • Patrick Quirk, from Ireland, 45 years old

    • Frederick Kustard, from Bavaria, 35 years old

    • Charles Johnston, from Scotland, 34 years old

    • Thomas Wallace, from Ireland, 35 years old

    • Patrick Whalen, from Ireland, 35 years old

    • John Kelly, from Ireland, 35 years old

    • John Collins, from Ireland, 35 years old

    • Owin Gaffney, from Ireland, 40 years old

  • 1930 U.S. Census Station, Additional Agents living in Coraopolis

    • John Largent, born abt 1883, in WV 1825 Montour St, wife Ruth, "ticket agent, railroad" (P&LE)

    • Harry B. Taylor, born abt 1893 in PA, 1532 5th Ave, wife Gertrude, "ticket agent, rail road" (Montour Junction P&LE Agent)

    • Charles Ewing, born abt 1906 in PA, 931 5th Ave, "agent, railroad"

    • Homer Adams Conway, born abt 1902 in PA, 1037 Main St, wife Anna, "ticket agent, railroad" (P&LE